Address Rocks
Our Address Rocks
compliment any
landscape designs.  
Look and feel natural.

Highly visible day and
Rocks are constructed
using Virtual Rocks
TM.  They look and
feel like natural Rock.
Our Address Rocks are designed using the latest in Light
Emitting Diode (LED) technology.  LED's have a life
expectancy of 10+ years.

The Address Rocks are very energy efficient, using only 2.1
watts, with 24 volt power input.

The custom designed PC board is conformal coated for
protection against the elements.

It can be directly wired into an existing landscape lighting

Our Rocks measure 30"x24"x28", are constructed of  
fiberglass,are UV protected, and look and feel like natural
Our Address Rocks
are designed for high

LEDs automatically
intensify in direct
sunlight, and dim for
night visibility
DS Enterprise, Inc.