Address Signs
Our Address Signs
are designed for
high visibility.  

LEDs automatically
intensify in direct
sunlight, and dim
for night visibility.
Easily seen by
Delivery, and
Service personnel .
Our Address Signs are designed using the latest in Light
Emitting Diode (LED) technology.  LED's have a life
expectancy of 10+ years.

The Address Signs are very energy efficient, using only 2.1
watts, with 24 volt power input.

The custom designed PC board is conformal coated for
protection against the elements.

It can be directly wired into an existing landscape lighting
system, or wall mounted on any home or garage.

There are several frame options to choose from.  Our basic
frames measure 21"x9", are constructed of durable weather
resistant PVC, and are easily painted to match any decor.  
We also have custom designed stone frames, which measure
21"x8.5", are constructed of fiberglass, UV protected, and
come in 4 colors to match your decor.
DS Enterprise, Inc.